Age:             22
Hometown: Bloomington Indiana
Hobbies:     Racing, Acting, Dancing, riding motorcycles,
snowboarding, traveling, working out.
Heroes:      God, Mom & Dad

About me:
Well i love people and i like to meet as many as possible. I
get a lot of my happiness and enjoyment out of making other
people happy. I love kids and look forward to eventually
raising a couple when the time is right and when the Lord
decides to send the right woman my direction. But not to
mention racing. I've been racing since about the age of
eight... go-karts to minisprints to minicups to full size stock
cars. I enjoy going to the beach, clubs, and parties with my
friends. But when I'm not in the bar mood i like to go out to
my lake and take the boat out on the weekends and ride my
four wheelers. However, i think i danced before i could walk.
So yes, i love to dance. I enjoy traveling and seeing different
parts of the world. And when I'm not racing in Indiana I'm out
in Los Angeles pursuing my acting career. Although it seems
like I'm doing something ALL of the time i don't have to have
a whole lot to keep me satisfied. I can enjoy the simple things
in life and be perfectly content. Sometimes the most
peaceful,most fulfilling moments occur when I'm not trying to
do anything extremely exciting. I really get a kick out of some
of the littlest things; sitting out on the beach at night and just
listening to the waves roll in, looking at the stars, driving
home late on a summer night with my windows rolled down
and smelling the air, the smell of freshly cut grass, or the
smell of a BBQ, And sometimes i just like to take a few
minutes and thank God for everything that he has blessed
me with. I like to look at the things that i have and appreciate
them rather than worrying about the things that i want.
Because sometimes its just kinda hard to appreciate
something until its gone. So I try to live everyday as if it were
my last and have no regrets. I always say it is better to aim
high at a goal and overshoot it than to aim low and hit. But
above all, over the big dreams and goals, the most important
thing to me in life is the people that are in it. If it weren't for
my family and friends, i would not be the person i am today.
Thank you for all of your support and God bless you all!
Copyright © 2006  John J. Baker III