With experience in racing since
the age of ten, I have tested my
skills in various forms of motor
sports.  This includes go-karts,
minicups, 600 cc microsprints, and
currently U.M.P. open wheel
modifieds.  I have gained a lot of
confidence and have been
extremely successful in each
category of racing in the past

Throughout my years of racing, I
have come to realize that not only
do I strive to improve my racing
skills as a hobby but I want to
assert these skills at a
professional level.  I remain
enthused about racing and will
continue to pursue it.  I have been
moving up consistently over the
years and I would like to keep
moving steadily up the hill until I
eventually reach my goal, which is
to one day compete in
win the
Nascar Nextel Cup Championship
 I also plan to somehow involve
racing in my acting career.  You
will someday see me driving a
race car on the big screen, and
yes I will be doing my own stunts.  

See you at the track!

Copyright © 2006  John J. Baker III