Joey Baker
Height: 5’ll’’
Weight: 170 lbs.
Hair: dark brown    Eyes: hazel

House of the Dead 2                Frat Boy                        Warner Bros.

Days of Our Lives              Featured                              NBC
Bad Girls Guide                 Hot Pizza Delivery Boy          UPN
The Suite Life                    Hot Secret Service Agent     Disney
Mind of Mencia                  Pirate                                   Comedy Central
Windfall                             Rich preppy kid                    CBS

“Big Man on Campus”         Cocky Frat Boy                  Warner Bros.
Islands Hamburgers            Volleyball Player                ABC
IU Little 500 promo              New Student in town          IU Student Foundation

A Christmas Wish                lead                                  Buskirk Chumley Studio
The Tri –Pod                       lead                                  Buskirk Chumley Studio

Nelly Furtado Video             "Promiscous"
Break and Pop                     Sports Plex                        
Slide And Glide                    Sports Plex                        
Country line                         The Tavern                        

Commercial workshop            Image Development               Barbara Cameron
Drama                                    Buskirk Chumley Studio         Ronny Elly
Improvisational techniques     Buskirk Chumley Studio         Ronny Elly
Cold reading                          The actors spot                      Patrick Malone
Scene study                           Santa Monica studio              Cliff Osmand

Special Skills
Auto racing, precision and stunt driving, roller jam skating, dance (pop, lock,
break, slide and glide, hip hop, salsa, tango), dramatic acting, physical comedy,
extreme facial expressions, impersonations, personal training, drums, guitar,
singing, football, baseball, basketball, motorcycle and atv riding, volleyball,
accents (southern, british, irish, Australian)
Copyright © 2006  John J. Baker III